Why Most People Fail to Make Money Online

By Christine Trimbur

There are several assumptions related to why people fail at making money online. But as we all know, assumptions are often wrong.

The first assumption is that most people fail to make money online because they are lazy. The idea is that those who fail are given a great way to make money but fail to take the appropriate action so the conclusion is that they must be lazy.

However, this assumption is completely wrong.

Take this example:

A very successful video marketer makes tens of thousands of dollars promoting others’ products and builds a bit of recognition for himself using YouTube videos. Then he releases a “tell all” program explaining how he accomplished this. Others purchase these instructional videos, watch them carefully, try their hand at it, and then fail. Are they lazy? Absolutely not.

The reality is that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. And even if someone is, he may not have the same charisma and camera presence that the successful video marketer has. Thus, the one trying fails to impress his audience and isn’t able to make any money at it. The bottom line is that any form of money making is just not a good fit for everyone. The key is to figure out what gifts and talents you have and then use those to make money online.

The second assumption is that people fail to make money because they are impatient. They are seen as someone who jumps from one thing to the next without ever giving anything a real chance.

More often than not, however, the “proven” money making program failed to maintain the interest of the buyer of that product. Think of it this way: some people aren’t surgeons not because they don’t have the intelligence but because they simply are not interested in pursuing that line of work once they discover the amount of work and time it requires.

It is true that anyone who is successful at making money online did not achieve his success overnight. In fact, many successful online entrepreneurs where the same ones who struggled in the past. The difference is these successful online money makers finally connected with a method and then got really good at it.

The true problem behind the rationale of any money making system is that they advertise themselves as for everyone which in reality is not true. The key is to find what interests you and then go for it.

The third assumption is that people fail to make money online because of short attention spans or focus. There are those who with ADD or ADHD who really do struggle with maintaining their attention on singular things. However, this is an exception rather than the rule.

Generally, the attention spans of most people have been reduced because of the increase in distractions all around us. There is so much technology, so many ways to connect, and so much noise being generated everywhere we look that it is no wonder we have a hard time focusing on one thing.

However, when we connect with something we have a passion for, we’re able to filter out all the other noise to concentrate on that passion. If you don’t really have a passion or connection with the online money making system, you will fail and seem to have a short attention span. The key is to discover your passion and then find a system or develop one yourself that lines up with your passion.

There are so many other assumptions about why people fail to make money online. The list of reasons is endless: education levels, network connections, location, financial resources, opportunities, etc.

The real issue involves what happens within each individual. If you don’t believe in yourself and that you can actually make money online, then you won’t. If you believe it won’t work, then it won’t work for you. If you believe there must be an easier way to do it, you’ll keep looking for it, whether or not that easier way actually exists.

The bottom line is that the number one reason why people fail to make money online has more to do with their self-esteem than anything else. If you find yourself doubting most things that have been presented to you, struggling to make things work for you, not trusting others, or find it difficult to make friends, you are likely dealing with low self-esteem. And until your self-esteem issues are address, you will find it nearly impossible to make any online money making system work for you.

If you are struggling with low self-esteem, find a reputable expert or counselor to talk to. Then stick with it through the healing process. You’ll be glad you did.