PLR Products

What are PLR Products?

PLR stands for private label rights. PLR products come in many sizes, shapes, and forms including information materials such as reports, articles, and e-books. Aside from information products, PLR materials can also be a graphics file, software and more.

It is a license which allows any holder to modify the contents of a particular product and sell it under the holder’s name. Basically, PLR products are those written by someone else and then sold it to others to use. It can even come to an extent where the PLR products can be changed in any way the buyer wants to.

PLR products are becoming more popular over the internet nowadays. One of the main reasons why it’s gaining popularity is because by using PLR products, any holder can save a huge amount of time while guaranteeing quick returns.

 What are the benefits of using PLR Products?

PLR products have numerous advantages. First is that they are very versatile. You can either put your name on them or you can edit them however you want to. Aside from adding your name and editing them, you can also put your affiliate links into the PLR products. Doing so will give you more chance to get sales. You’ll get paid just by people reading the PLR products.

Are there any restrictions when using PLR products?

Every PLR company has their own specific guidelines for use statements posted on their websites. Some PLR companies allow their subscribers to resell their content while others do not allow at all. Some allow their purchaser to claim the authorship or copyrights while others do not. Most of the PLR companies, however, allow their subscribers to do whatever they want with the contents which have been purchased with very few limitations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using PLR Products


  1. Duplicate Content – anyone who buys the PLR product also uses the same content. It could often result in having the same content on many websites. To avoid this, it is important to edit the material to make it more unique. Rewrite the product as much as possible and brand it your own way.
  2. Low-Quality Material – some PLR products have very good quality. However, there are also those with products of poor quality. Before purchasing a PLR product, make sure to read through before using them. Check for any spelling errors and double check if the facts are all correct.
  3. Duplicate Purchases – PLR products can be changed by buyers. Thus, it could result in the possibility of having the same product given with different names and people will likely to buy the same material twice. The result of this is that the buyer will have lots of returns on his/her sales.


  1. Saves Time – creating a well-researched and good quality article could take several time and effort. With PLR products, you can get an instant access to contents with informative details.
  2. Cost efficient – for instance, if you need a 50-page report, you’ll expect to pay a lot more if you hire someone to write the content for you whereas, PLR products can be much less expensive.
  3. Can be altered or revised – PLR products can be rephrased to add words, links, or keywords you preferred in your content.
  4. Brand your own name – almost anyone wants to purchase something from someone they trust and know. With PLR products, you are able to display your name. Doing so will make you brand your own name so that when someone pointed to your site, they will instinctively have a feeling of trusting and knowing you already.
  5. Written by experts – most of the PLR products are written professionally and compiled using the most up to date research by professional and experienced writers.

Where can I find PLR Products?

PLR products can be found almost anywhere on the internet. If you opt for the right PLR membership site, there are several websites that offer fresh PLR contents for their members. Some of these include IDPLR, ResellRightsWeekly, PLRAssassin, BestDealPLR and Internet Marketing Zoom.