Scarcity Mindset VS Abundance Mindset

There is a big difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset.

Abundance Mindset

A person with an abundance mindset has a deeper inner sense of self-worth and security. People with this type of mindset believe that there is more than enough for everyone. They are happy most of the time just because of the fact that they see the world as a field of endless possibilities and a “joy that creates more joy”.

A person who has an abundance mindset….

  • Shares joy and love. These types of persons are aware of the unconditional love that the higher power has for everyone in this world and they never stop sharing the gift with others. Instead, they make room for more and enjoy their lives with their loved ones.
  • Has a higher purpose. Persons with abundance mindset select their goals and aspirations based on what they truly want instead of what others want or what others have achieved.
  • Think that every moment is perfect. They think that the entire world is a vast field of unlimited possibilities. That there is no right or wrong for doing something that makes them happy.
  • Believes that money is so easy to earn. Though many people find it very difficult to earn a living, people with abundance mindset think that earning an income is just a matter of your beliefs on what you hold about wealth because it sets your behavioral pattern accordingly. They think that money is present in abundance in this entire world and it just depends on how people think which could block the flow of wealth in their lives.

Scarcity Mindset

People with a scarcity mindset is the total opposite of those who have an abundance mentality. Unlike, abundance mindset, these people believe that there will never be enough which often results in feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety.

People with this type of mindset create different opinions about the world and most of their opinions are negative. They think that the world’s supply is limited, which creates some sort of scarcity programming on their heads.

A person who has a scarcity mindset…

  • Thinks the world has limited goodness. They are too realistic to the point where they think that whatever joy they feel at the moment won’t last long enough. They believe that a person can’t have more than the limited amount of happiness in their lives.
  • Often competes. Competition is tough for people who have a scarcity mindset. These people think that if someone else succeeds in life, they will fail. They live their lives just to get more than what others are getting.
  • Thinks that you only get one chance. They believe that someone needs to learn and gain everything in school because learning ends after college when in reality, they’re not. This is one type of thinking that was confined to those who have a scarcity mindset.
  • Spends and hoards money. They spend their money excessively because they think that if they don’t spend them too quickly, something might happen if they don’t use it. So they spend it as soon as they get it. Also, these type of people has fear of investing their money because they are too afraid that their money will only go away from them to others in one way or another.

The world can be divided into two categories based on how people view the world. You can view the world as abundant or scarce and it all depends on the mindset you adopt. It also depends on the path your life takes but whatever the reason, these two cannot co-exist.


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