Best Video Production and Editing Tools for Windows 10

By Christine Trimbur

Video is one of the most engaging and relevant formats for content available. And this trend is expected to continue for quite some time. Each day, Facebook sees approximately 8 billion video views. More than that, global video traffic is expected to reach 80% video by 2019.

If you want to tap into this lucrative market, you will need a decent understanding of the types of video editing software available. The following list contains software options that are free and Windows 10 friendly.


VSDC is a multifunctional solution. It includes a video editor, a screen recorder, a slideshow creator, among other features. It has been named among the best free video editing software for PC by TechRadar online magazine, the GoPro community, and several YouTuber channels.

VSDC boasts a wide array of tools for a variety of purposes. It will work wonderfully for quick video touch ups as well as serious project requirements. There are more than 30 color filters, including Instagram-style presets. There is a plethora of video effects, including Chroma Key, split screen, picture-in-picture, video inside a text, video side-by-side, and numerous transitions.

VSDC works great even if your computer isn’t top notch.  Even if your PC only has 2GB of memory left, it will work well. It will also open any file, no matter what device was used to record the footage. Then, when you export your file, you can choose pre-configured profiles to upload to social networks.

2. OpenShot

OpenShot is much more minimalistic. However, this software gets the job done fast due to its drag-and-drop editor. For first time users, there are pop up tutorial windows helping the user utilize the software best.

It boasts over 3000 transitions. There are also some essential effects such as Chroma Key and blurring. Users can also apply actions “in bulk” rather than having to apply it to each part.

3. Shotcut

Although it has a minimalistic interface, Shotcut is able to perform all essential video editing operations. This includes film restoration, white balancing, and footage stabilization.

There is a real time preview making applying effects very convenient. What makes it really stand out, though, is the Chroma Key tool. This is perhaps the reason TechRadar named it among software options that would replace Windows Essentials.

4. Avidemux

Avidemux is the simplest of all the software options. Basically, you can cut, copy, paste, and encode. This software is for those with no interest in post-production bells and whistles and only require to cut out a piece of footage.

5. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent option for those looking for a professional video editor.

Lynda and Udemy offer online courses on DaVinci Resolve because this software has a pretty steep learning curve. However, Hollywood-level color grading might be worth it to you.

There are two downsides to this software. First, it will use your PC GPU to its max. Be sure to have a powerful graphic card installed and a good amount of memory available. Second, there are issues with recognizing particular formats of files.

6. Videopad

Videopad is a multifunctional software for editing, audio and video recording, and screen recording. The free version is called demo and can only be used for personal use.

If you use it, it might remind you of Movie Maker. It is much more robust, though. There are multiple audio and video tracks available and the text editor offers a number of decent effects.

7. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is popular among YouTube bloggers who add special effects. It is a cross-platform software that works on both Windows and Mac. It has a very unconventional interface, though.

There are tutorials on how to apply effects in Hitfilm Express.

8. Windows Photos App

Windows Movie Maker was a simple, free video editor that was discontinued in 2017. Windows 8 and 10 launched without a video editing app, but following the Fall Creator’s update, there is one hidden in the Microsoft Photos app. It is a good tool for those who want to make a good-looking video without mastering complicated software.

You’ll need to import your photos and video into the Photos app. Then select the folder you want to add. Click create and choose “custom video with music.” Then just follow the prompts and your video is done in seconds.

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