Why Are DIY Website Builders Bad?

Are you starting your own business? If so, then the first thing you need is a website, as this is an absolute necessity for customers to find you and your offers. But is it worth using do-it-yourself (DIY) website builders? I understand it is appealing to choose DIY website builders, as they often promise that it is easy and quick. Still, these sort of point-and-click sites can be disastrous for you and your business.

About DIY Website Builders

The DIY website builder is an alternative to websites created by professional designers using codes. For this, you do not even need any technical know-how and can still have a website of your own. There are multiple sites that offer such services if you don’t have the inclination to learn codes to build a website.

DIY website builders do not work from the ground levels; rather, they focus on the bigger picture. They offer numerous themes along with a template. All you need is to select a theme, use the editor to change the elements according to your needs, and publish it for viewers. Sounds pretty easy, right?

If you are willing to build a responsive website consisting of powerful analytics, appealing content creation, and an intelligent interface with links to social media, then a prevailing DIY website builder may not offer the speed you need. However, you may feel like you do not want to invest more money on hiring a professional and decide to do it yourself. Before making this hasty decision, you must consider why these DIY website builders may not offer the best solution.

Ownership Crisis

If you create a website using DIY builders, you will likely face an ownership crisis because you are not actually the owner of the site you created. All the website files and codes always belong to them. You cannot even migrate your website away from their platform because you never had access to the site files, backend, CSS code, and so on. If anything bad occurs to the website builder, then all your time and effort will be in vain and you will need to start all over again from the beginning.

Their advertisements make their products sound lucrative and easy to use, but, in reality, you may find it quite complicated. You will need to pay a monthly fee for your website. If you stop, your website will be gone. Almost every website builder is the same, and there is no guarantee that your website will be up and running all the time.

This is reason enough for not using any kind of DIY website builder. A professional website design company utilizes all the popular tools, for example, WordPress. They will give you the freedom of choice without the risk of losing your website.

Not SEO Friendly

When you begin making a website, it is important that it be search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Embracing SEO can make your website successful because it helps increase traffic as well as search ranking on your website. This means if someone searches Google, your website will be included at the top of the search results.

Most DIY website builders use outdated codes for building a website. Some of them are generated in a visual editor, creating unnecessary code and extra HTML. This can hurt your ranking in the search engine. In some cases, the servers may not have access to the website platform, whereas some may have access to meta descriptions, headings, and other attributes. You may have options to add plugins, but some of them require you to pay an extra cost.

Professional website developers can fulfill the objectives of SEO for your website content and offer better design and development. This also lets you customize SEO strategies once your website is professionally ready to use.

Cost Inefficient

Building a DIY website does not incur much cost, as you are doing everything on your own. Initially, you have to pay some money for set up along with the monthly fee for using their site. Not all website templates in DIY website builders are free; you will need to purchase some templates if you do not like the unpaid options. You may need to spend much more than usual for domains, registering, and hosting. Even the site add-ons often cost money. If you fail to pay your website on time for any reason, then there is a chance that they will take it offline.

Some DIY website builders are absolutely free, but you cannot customize your domains, and free builders can be quite problematic for professional and reputable businesses. DIY website builders can limit your options.

Professional website development services will cost you a significant amount initially, but by investing a reasonable amount, you will get the exact website you need. This will worth your money and time because you will be assured a highly customizable and SEO-friendly website.

Waste of Time

DIY website builders allow quick and easy web design, and, obviously, you want to save some time. But in most cases, the opposite happens. Nearly all such builders lack expertise. You may need to spend hours learning how to install and configure the theme, add content, and make other modifications according to the objective of your site.

For professionals, designing a website may take around 60 to 80 hours on average, including all the research, functionality, frameworks, plugins, and collecting the required components. Whereas with DIY website builders, this may take more than 120 hours, or close to 4 weeks. As a business owner, your primary concern will be running and growing your business, and a DIY website design can be a drawback to your business growth.

Questionable Security

Security is an important factor for a website, but DIY website builders often fail to provide proper security. This can result in a hacked server or website. Anytime your site builder has a drag-and-drop interface or a menagerie of plugins, it can lead to added vulnerabilities in your site. If you are not paying ongoing attention or are not diligent enough to keep everything up to date, then chances are high that your site will be susceptible to hackers.

When using professional website builders, your site remains secure because the codes used for plugins are written with security in mind. For this reason, whoever tries to hack your site must be able to access the actual coding to succeed. Also, the codes are different for every site, which is a plus to maintain security for your account.

Slow in Speed

DIY website builders are slower than usual, and slow websites are bad for visitors, sales, and, most importantly, for SEO. They use hosts or shared servers for the created websites along with thousands of other users. This causes a lot of traffic and ends up making your site slow due to limited bandwidth and access permission to the server. You will lose the audience if your page takes more than a minute or does not load fully from their devices.

Professionally made websites do not have these kinds of speed-related problems because they don’t use shared servers. They even can utilize the analytics of every page according to the speed insights of your visitors. A finely built custom website will offer quick performance.

Not Enough Support

If you run into some errors while working on your website through a DIY website builder, you might not have many options for support. Nearly every platform has an online chat or phone support facilities, but they are not fast enough to deal with your problems. Also, multiple bugs and technical glitches can occur, and these may hurt your website.

Professional website builders can give you better and faster support, and you can rely on their solution no matter the issue you are dealing with. A professional can help you understand any problem with your website and will provide regular maintenance and support.

While searching the internet, you will find a number of free DIY website builders, and you may decide to sign up for one. However, before you do that, you should be aware of the consequences of choosing the quick and easy option. Even if it seems affordable, easy to launch, and a no-brainer, there are some complexities and many disadvantages to using these DIY website builders.

Serious marketers who do not want to ruin their business, products, or organization should avoid these cheap website builders and hire a professional. I am sure you can find one within your budget who can build a website which will be beneficial to you rather than a liability.













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