Interesting Facts about Diabetes

Did you know….?

  1. The term “diabetes” comes from the Greek word “siphon” which means “a copious urine” of uncontrolled diabetes. “Mellitus” on the other hand, is a Latin word for “honey” or “sweet”. It is a name added when doctors discovered that urine from people with diabetes is sweet with glucose.
  2. One-third of all people with diabetes do not know they actually have diabetes.
  3. Scientists predict that by 2025, there will be 30 million new cases of diabetes in China alone.
  4. The earliest known record referred to diabetes was during 1500 BC where it was recognized as symptoms of frequent urination.
  5. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among working adults.
  6. People with diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease than those without diabetes.
  7. Symptoms of diabetes like weight loss, thirst, and excessive urination were already recognized more than 1200 years even before diabetes was named.
  8. During the Ancient times, physicians would test people for diabetes by tasting their urine to check if it was sweet. Those who were assigned to taste the urine were called “water testers”.
  9. Before the year 1921, the only option for treating type 2 diabetes was starvation or semi-starvation.
  10. Diabetes costs more than $170 billion each year including more than $110 billion in direct medical expenses.
  11. Of all people who have diabetes, only 5 percent has type 1.
  12. Type 2 diabetes usually do not have any symptoms.
  13. In 1996, a teenage girl with diabetes died at her home in Pennsylvania. Her parents refused to give her medication and just relied on prayer. They were later on charged with manslaughter.
  14. There are certain studies indicated that people who have diabetes are more likely at risk for acquiring Alzheimer’s disease than those who aren’t diabetic.
  15. Some of the well-known people with diabetes are Jerry Mathers, Mary Tyler Moore and Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead). Carroll O’ Conner also had diabetes and had his leg amputated back in 2000.
  16. According to CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  17. Female diabetics are more likely susceptible to develop vaginal infections than female non-diabetics.
  18. Humans with apple body shape are at risk for diabetes than those with pear body types.
  19. Researchers reported that diabetes decreases a person’s life expectancy by 5-10 years.
  20. Males have a higher risk of acquiring death from diabetes than females.
  21. One in three African-American females with age 65-74 has diabetes.
  22. Out of over 170 million people who have diabetes worldwide, around 17 million are U.S. residents.
  23. In the ancient times, other forms measuring diabetes include checking if a person’s urine attracted flies or ants.
  24. Around 16 million Americans are already pre-diabetics and most of them are totally unaware of their condition.
  25. Around 90% of people with diabetes are obese.
  26. Gary Hall Jr, an Olympic swimmer, has Type 1 Diabetes. His doctor suggested him to give up his swimming. He later on changed doctors and continued his training and won several gold medals.
  27. Around 7% or 200,000 cases of gestational diabetes occur in the U.S. each year.
  28. Back in the 1920s, insulin was first extracted from a cow or pig’s pancreas. Today, insulin is cultured in the laboratory through recombinant DNA from bacteria and yeast.
  29. Research has shown that a 2-hour spent on watching TV was associated with a staggering 14% increase in diabetes risk.
  30. As of 2017, China was the country with the highest number of diabetics, with over 114 million people suffering from diabetes. Other countries with a high number of diabetics include India, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia.